Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinner by the Bay

A few weeks back my best friends Sydney, Jake and I ventured out to Sausalito, California to the yelp-raved eatery 'Fish'. Which served, yep, you guessed it- FISH! Being born & raised in the Bay Area has given me quite the taste for seafood, and an snobbish taste for GOOD seafood. 'Fish' was all of it and more.
It didn't hurt that this was our dinner view. If you're ever visiting Northern California (which I highly suggest) Sausalito is a must see, and a must eat, demonstrated below:

  Sydney got the fish tacos topped with a  hint handfuls of cilantro

 Jake started with Oysters and nearly murdered me for refusing to let him eat them before I got snapped a few photos. And don't worry, Jake's not being a skinny bitch, he had a salmon sandwich as well, but alas he demolished it before I could pull out my camera. (He rivals the Snickers commercials when hungry)
 Nothing says overpriced yuppie NorCal like drinking lemonade out of a mason jar. (This was Jake's, I still hate lemonade, yuck!)

 Finally, I got the Tuscan White Bean & Tuna Salad. My oh my was this heavenly. 90% of this massive plate of "salad" was poached albacore tuna, no lettuce to be found! I think every other word out of my mouth was something like "On a scale from one to ten, how frowned up on is it to marry a plate of food" and somewhat explicit moans of pure foodie pleasure. 

Needless to say, I'll be back to Fish, next time with Poppa Rosette! Since Mama Rosette is the pickiest of eaters fish is scarce in our household.

What's your take on seafood? Are fish friends or food? 
I think we all know my answer... 
(nom nom nom)



  1. Really love to read from you again Meghan :) more more more!


  2. absolutely gorgeous! love all of the picks

  3. I live in the south bay (used to live in the north bay) - will definitely have to take my husband here. He loves all things seafood. Thanks for posting!