Saturday, September 3, 2011

August Music Favorites

So summer is coming to an end :( But as promised, I wanted to give you all a taste of what songs will always remind me of August 2011 <3 

1. Lights- Ellie Goulding
This song will always remind me of the long car ride home after my 18th birthday, blasting it with the windows rolled down, and the smell of In-n-Out fries lingering


2. Shots on the Hood of My Car- Ke$ha
This is probably the most played song of my entire summer. It'll always remind me of crusing down the highway in Ally's convertable days before she moved. 

3. Good Life- One Republic
Hot lanta, Sydney and I are obsessed with this song, honestly no matter what mood I'm in, if this comes on I will be taken back to my hometown, eating edamame and singing along

4. Cheers- Rhianna 
This song will ALWAYS be Jerri and I's, I mean "Sorry we're fun"!

5. If I Die Young- The Band Perry
Not only was this my Karaoke jam at my birthday, but it is Syd and I's BELTING jam, I mean...enough that with the windows rolled down the car next to us told us to be quiet...awkwardddd

6. Skyscraper- Demi Lovato
Handsdown this will always be my go-to feel better song. Any time something went wrong this month, within seconds this song would be blasting and we'd all be singing along

7. How to Love- Lil' Wayne
I'll admit it, this song is overplayed, and not well written. But dayum its catchy

8. Favorite Song- Colbie Callait
Anything Colbie will remind me of my best friend, and this song is no exception, it takes me to the long ride to the beach house, or painting our nails on the porch, or sitting on the balcony way too late at night.