Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Hair Trauma & Disaster

      I envy girls that have the guts to shave half their head, dye it purple, dread it, and get a pixie cut. After all, it's dead hair laying limp on our scalps that grows right back. On a scale from 1-World Peace it ranks negative in importance, and even writing this post I feel guilty for complaining about such a trivial matter when there are FAR worse things going in the world than my botched hair. That being said, this is a beauty and fashion blog, and well, my hair falls right into that category.  
      Now let me first start off this post by saying that my hair is my pride and joy. I've been caught countless times admitting that I find my hair my "only redeeming quality" Morbid and self deprecating? Yes. But true. So I treat my hair how I'd treat a new born baby, with serious love, affection, care, and I spoil it rotten. This being said, the hair trauma I endured this past month left me crying over Facebook pictures of my long blonde locks. Yes I'm pathetic I know.
      I've been getting partial blonde highlights in my hair for about a year and a half now, along with my 'signature' cut, long long layers, I like the length of my hair to rival a Disney princess what can I say. So you'd imagine my surprise when I go to the salon expecting to walk out with an 1/2 inch trim and touched up roots, and walk out with 6 inches off my hair, an all over faded grey/brown with red roots. UHM WHAT. I'd be lying to you if I said I totally didn't sob over Gossip Girl, wailing at the TV "LOOK AT SERENA'S HAIR. THAT IS SO PRETTY. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?!?!" I'm dramatic. I'm working on it. (Not really)
      I seriously debating posting these pictures, but after much persuading from my mother, I did. Because let's face it, we've ALL had bad hair cuts & bad dye jobs. I'm human! I'm not immune from my stylist getting scissor happy. So without further ado, I present the hot mess that was my hair. 
As you can see I really just adored the red roots
& welcome to the TRUE red of my roots...oh boy
& no that is not a filter, that is how dull the color was

      For the next week I "Justin Bobby'd" it. And if you were not a Hill's teenager (Netflix. Go. Now.) I basically stuffed all my hair in a beanie at all points. I even slept in my 'You Can't Sit With Us' Brandy Melville beanie (& the answer is no, you cannot) Thankfully my close friend Marissa came to the rescue, and after 3 hours in her salon we managed to get me back to BLONDE! & I am eternally grateful. MARISSA YOU ARE A SAINT! But because the initial dye job was so red, the color took to be a yellow-toned blonde, which is not too flattering for my skin tone!
      So I went to a new salon in my neighborhood later that week to get it toned & the stylist added a few highlights to the front & roots to balance out the remaining warm tones, and BAM! I'm better and blonder than ever! 

I learned quite a few things on this hair journey.
  1. I cannot pull of red, as much as I want to. True fact, I've always wanted to go a deep red color but I never had the guts! Now I know, that would NEVER work on me! & I'll admit it, I'm sad about it! I think red hair is by far the prettiest! 
  2. Some salons just...lose their touch...but on the plus side, the last salon I went to I fell in LOVE with! Thank you hair gods for sending me Alisha! <3 
  3. True friends will be honest with you when your hair looks like absolute shit. & Help you fix it for 3 hours, cheering you up & calling you Carrot Top. Love you Marissa <3
  4. My hair is my security blanket. Contrary to what people must think with my sheer amount of selfies, I'm ridiculously insecure about my looks. And taking away the one part of my physicality that I actually liked hit me hard, and any shred of confidence I had in my appearance is gone. That's something I need to work on. 
  5. I can't pull off Cara Delevingne brows. 

Of course we had to lighten the eyebrows to match!

So tell me, have you ever had a major hair disaster? Am I the only one this attached to their hair?


  1. That's super annoying Meghan! Your hair looks great now (it never looks bad to begin with!) I am so happy you are bringing back your blog, I love your YOUTUBE channels and I follow you on social media. Welcome back to the blogging world!

    P.s. I would like to send you an email, could you tell me what email you would like me to send it to?

    Sloane // Sailing the Sea of Style

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  2. Your hair didn't even look bad in the pics!
    But it's so beautiful now :)

    Niamh xxx

  3. I Love the colour of your hair:) My Hair is my pride and joy too<3 My hair dressers went a little scissor happy this time last year and its only back the length I want it now:/

  4. I had the same thing happen to me ! Except I was going from deep red to blonde and my hair was the color of a pumpkin for about a week. Everyone kept telling me they loved what i did too my hair... which made me feel even worse about the way it looked...

  5. OMG I did not know you had a blog! Total follow right now!! I think you're gorgeous and the 2nd picture after you got your hair done with Alisha is absolutely gorgeous!! All the other pictures are too but that ones my fav! Your hair is so amazing too! Maybe an updated hair care routine? Lots of love, xoxo


  6. I definitely feel you. My hair is my baby. Around a year and a half ago I asked for a trim. I have very curly hair when it gets short and the stylist obviously had no idea how to work with my kind of hair. She #1 cut it when it was wet, (Which, as you probably know, is a big no no for super curly hair.) & #2tryed to do choppy layers. Needless to say, I was hoping for a couple inches off before I grew my hair out. When I walked in, my hair was in the middle of my back, by the time I walked out and she had let it dry, it was literally up to my jaw bone.I got called carrot top for a few days depressingly enough (My hair is naturally auburn.) I never ever went back to that stylist again. I still shudder when I think back on that hair cut (sad but true). But anyway, im sure you would look stunning with any hair color! Have a fab day. (:

  7. I use to be really attached to my hair. I had down to my butt! I hated getting haircuts but only a trim when I needed it. I didn't even dye it! Mostly because it was also my security blanket. I didn't like my face and body (like my arms) so I used my hair to cover up. This summer however I said fuck it to it all and got a pixie cut and dyed it red like I always wanted to but never had the guts to. I love it so much and I feel so much more confident in myself. Don't get me wrong though, the first few days there was some crying and missing my long locks. Anyway, have a great darling. You look beautiful even if you were bald. PS: I personally think you can pull off red. :)

  8. Wow I would die if that happened to me! But the new hair colour looks super awesome Meghan :)

  9. I'm just as attached to my hair. I'm not the slimmest girl, so my hair (and eyebrows surprisingly) is the one thing that I'm really proud of. It's thick and silky and not damaged at all. I decided to cut it a couple months ago and that was a terrible decision. I miss my hair!! :'(

  10. I'm insanely attached to my hair, and thankfully the color. I don't have the patience to get it regularly died. But I have had some heartbreakingly bad cuts, so I feel you on the hair pain. I tried to get rid of my bangs because I was just pinning them back on days I didn't wash my hair, and felt that I should just grow them out. I was so wrong and I missed them so much!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  11. i feel that way too! except I somehow built up strength to cut it and donate it to locks of love, best decision I ever made. I really love my short hair!

  12. I love your "new" color, layers & waves!!! very pretty. I've always been boring with my hair too (not being very daring).

    trulyBrittRenee (on youtube)

  13. I love your "new" color, layers & waves!!! very pretty. I've always been boring with my hair too (not being very daring).

    trulyBrittRenee (on youtube)

  14. I'm the opposite of you - TOO daring with my hair, and I've had a few too many hair disasters and I totally know how devastating it can be. It looks beautiful now though! :)


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