Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Style Current Cravings

As you all well know I'm obsessed with shopping and fashion, and I thought I'd update you to the current items I'm lusting over. Bring these babys to my closet puhleaaaaase :)

1. Turquoise Skull Bracelet- Okay is it just me or are skulls cute now...Like they feel much less Hot Topic and way more Brandy Melville to me! & Not to mention this is one of my favorite colors!
Purchase Here: Turquoise Skull Bracelet

2. Wildfox Couture- I've been a fan of Wildfox designs for a while now, just not the hefty price tag. But for this sweater I may have to make an exception. Pink and vampires? It's like it knows me...
Purchase Here: Wildfox Vampire

3. Chain Bracelets- With my new love of watches comes my love of stacking (If you've seen my Instagram you're already probably annoyed with the pics of my loaded wrists daily.) This piece is so unique with the metals mixing, paired with a pop of color or a girl bangle and a watch would make this perfection!
Purchase Here:Chain Bracelet

4. Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch- I'm finally hopping on the rose gold trend (thank my friend Sarah for showing me it's not as freaky and hard to wear as it seems). I have been drooling over this watch since it's release, I'm such a huge fan of MK's big faced blingy watches & this is seriously to die for.
Purchase Here: MK Rose Gold Watch

5. Tory Burch Sandals- Uhhh cutest thing ever? Need I say more? I'm in love with my Reva flats. but being a California girl I wear sandals nearly everyday. I find myself reaching for my beat up Forever21 sandals daily, why not invest in something a little more glam?
Purchase Here: Tory Burch Sandals

6. Infinity Bracelet- I first spotted the infinity jewelry trend on one of my friends last year and I couldn't stop thinking about how dainty and sweet they were. Laced through a leather strap toughens up the look, a perfect layering piece! PS Still on the hunt for a gold infinity ring!
Purchase Here: Infinity Bracelet

7. Mint Jeans- Yes I am circling back to the trend I rocked my Sophomore year of high school...let's hope it turns out better than it did then, granted I was heinous... I love how crisp these look, and with my new found love of wearing colors (Snaps for me!) These are something I can't stop lusting after, paired with a chiffon white top and cork wedges? Droooool
Purchase Here:Mint Jeans

8. Pearl Studs- I blame Sarah again for my desire for these classic items. A pearl stud is so out of my comfort zone, I'm so used to rocking long feather earrings, or tiered turquoise chandelier ones, nothing simple, and nothing that would ever be concidered "timeless". But somehow that switch flipped and now I can't stop thinking about them! Sorority girl problems. Sigh. 
Purchase Here:Pearl Studs

9. Aqua Heeled Sandals- When I walked into Target and saw these I almost had a heart attack. Was I in thrifty heaven? Obviously the shopping gods were trying to spare me $30 so inevitably they were sold out in my size. A tear or two may have been shed...But I WILL find these to fit my gigantic yeti feet, too cute to pass up. I've never been one for casual heels before, but I kid you not when I say these have been haunting my dreams.
Purchase Here: Target Aqua Sandals

So what are you guys craving fashion wise? Or am I alone on my constant thrive for fashion perfection...awkward... :)