Is Meghan Rosette your real name?
«Nope! I always find this question funny, because as far as I know, 'Rosette' isn't a last name!»

How old are you?
«20 years old! Eeek!»

How tall are you?
«I'm about 5'9»

When did you start your YouTube channel?
«June 16, 2010»

Why did you start your YouTube channel?
«The summer before my senior year of high school I was meant to go to a pre-college acting program. But come June I got mononucleosis (not from kissing! Google it if you must) and was put on immediate bed rest. Thus boredom ensued, and my oh so creative mother suggested that I make a YouTube beauty channel, like one of my high school friends had before. And BAM! Here I am today! So I guess mother really does know best»

How did you come up with your username?
«Well 90% of it is easy enough, my first and middle name is Meghan Rose. So once I decided I was making a YouTube channel I spent countless hours on google searching 'words with rose' and alas, I came upon Rosette! & the rest was history»

What camera do you film your YouTube on?
«Canon T4i with the kit lens!»

What program do you edit your YouTube videos on?
«iMovie 2012»


  1. Where is your blog layout from? Or what did you use to design it?

  2. What program do you use to edit your photos/ add text to them for the header of a post?

  3. Try this out http://pupa-nails.blogspot.com/2013/10/rich-and-glamorous.html

  4. What layout did you use for your blog? I'm creating my own blog and am in love with your layout?! Any tips??

  5. Hey meghan! will you check out my blog? http://alejandranaranjotorres.blogspot.com TOTALLY LOVE YOURS!
    and thanks for the support!

  6. How can I do a blog like this one? Love you soo much xoxo

  7. How do you design your blog?

  8. what program / website did you use with william in your boyfriend tag ?? please reply lololol just wondering

  9. What is your P.O. box number? I would really love to write you a letter about what an inspiration you are to me, Meghan! :-)

  10. What is your favourite annual celebration?

  11. Where do you come from?

  12. i have also just started a blog if any of you have blogger i am willing to check yours if you check out mine i dont have any post up but should be up soon. u may leave comments if you like me to check yours.


    if your starting a blog u can do alot of searching and you can custom make urs how u want and add stuff thats what i did. hope it helped alittle. thanks for reading