Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Food Porn

Am I the only one still drooling over last night's feast? For a family of 3 the Rosette clan sure knows how to eat! I thought I'd snap a few food porn worthy pics of our Thanksgiving dinner! What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

And naturally mere seconds after I had my last bite of pumpkin pie (dairy free & grain free might I add!) I rushed on over to Best Buy...cause that's what us American's do! Stay tuned for a post all about my Black Friday experience & a haul video of what I got! Coming soon!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Reflections & Thanksgiving OOTD

    Today I am thankful. And today I reflect on the fact that each and every day I am thankful. For what, well- that changes daily. 
    Some days I'm thankful for hot tea and cable knit sweaters. Other days I'm thankful for long books and slow songs. Or even silence and a clear mind. But every day I am thankful for the moments. The good ones that send me soaring high over oceans and in planes to places I never dreamed of. And the bad ones, that send my flying straight back down, grounding me to my two humble feet. Together in a jumble of seasons and hours and seconds, those moments make up this life I lead. And this life I love. 
    So today I challenge you to find what you're thankful for. It can be the big things, your first love, your beating heart, the food in your stomach or the bed where you lay your head. But sometimes the big things break at the seams, so take a moment to count the little things. Green Sour Patch Kids, your favorite TV show, a good novel, fuzzy socks, things that smell good, long drives, sunsets and imaginary friends. We take what we can get and we make the most of that. Make it magical. 
    And if you can't find big things or little things. Let me be your thing. Let me be the first to tell you that I am thankful for YOU. That you are worth more than you can wrap your head around. That I care what happens to you. That you matter the whole world to me. 
    I live a life comprised solely of moments. And those moments are all thanks to you. Because one day you clicked on a YouTube video, and you found a girl with a twisted sense of humor, a love of Christmas, candles and makeup and you saw something in her. Something enough to bring you back. And before that girl on your computer screen knew it, there were half a million people who got her. And that girl felt a little less alone. And that girl became a somebody. And that girl is living out her wildest dreams. And that girl is me. And this girl says thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Top- Forever21, Jacket- Juicy Couture, Pants- JCrew, Scarf- Vintage, Earrings- Windsor, Booties- Steve Madden

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Words

If I were to lie I could sit here and type out sunshine and rainbows about this glamourous city and sets, and jobs, and shiny new purses. Or I can lay it all out on the table, late nights and early mornings, parking tickets, bugs, homesickness and missing stupid things, like changing leaves, and temperatures below 70 degrees.
We all need a little pick me up, those words that remind you why you haven't slept in for 2 weeks, why you haven't made a new friend in months, and why you chose this life in the first place. So here are my words.

What are your words?