Friday, August 31, 2012

Lita Love

Maybe it's because I'm spending so much time on Tumblr...but I am seriously lusting over Jeffery Campbell Lita's booties. Now let's be honest, I'm not a small girl, I'm 5'9 and these shoes are taaaaall! But let's get real, these are cute enough that I can rock being 6 foot something or other, it's for the sake of fashion right? The signature look of the Lita is the thick platform and chunky heel. The "classic" Lita would most likely be considered the leather shoe with the wooden heel, but the shoes come in suede, studded, lace even american flag print, so theirs a style for everybody!

You can buy Lita's online everywhere, sadly they hardly ever go on sale and for a statement shoe they have a hefty price tag starting at $160. I'm on the fence about buying a pair of these babies, I'm all about comfort so YOU tell me? Are they comfortable enough to justify the price? Are these a must? Leave your feedback in the comments bellow! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Style Forecast: Baroque

     Last night after watching 'Love and Other Drugs' (not as bas as the reviews made it sound BTW) I stumbled upon E's 'Fashion Police' Let me start off by saying I typically never agree with these types of shows, I could care less what celebrities are wearing most of the time. But I tuned in right when the hosts were discussing the newest fall trend, baroque.

     Baroque, is an artistic style, ranging from paintings, archetecture and fashion dating back to the 17th century. Think very over the top, ornate detailing, weaving, lavish and expensive. When I heard baroque was making a modern day comeback let's just say I was surprised. The last time I saw anything modern fitting baroque was a rug...not a dress. But after further research, I fell in love with the modern day twist on the 17th century style.

Seen on the runway by D&G

     Obviously not all of us are going to be rocking full fledged baroque dresses & jackets, but it's a really easy style to transfer from the runway and tone down for the every day fashionista. (I totally have this gut insane feeling that H&M is going to go crazy with this trend for fingers crossed I'm right! I'd love to see what they'd bring out on an affordable level for us mere mortals )

Obviously a cult favorite in rocking this new trend, sunglasses are a simple way to sport the trend, but these Prada sunnies are anything BUT simple. They're a statement and totally fashion forward. 

If you're loving this style but you're not too keen on wearing it head to toe, go for a scarf! The print makes it baroque, but because it is such a timeless style, you'll be wearing it for seasons to come, especially if you get it in a neutral color!

Using baroque style for home decor...can you say genius? Crown molding, marble, ornately carved head boards, super lavish, circa Marie Antoinette. We all love living like princesses, so a cheap picture frame with over the top detail is perfect to channel your inner royalty. 

 It is no secret that I have a weakness for patterned pants...something about them is so retro to me. Damask is a baroque pattern that we've been loving for years, and going for a subtle damask pattern on a pair of J Brand skinnies is basically heaven on jeans for me. Going for a light colors in the pattern makes the pants a subtle statement, nothing too over the top and loud.

So tell me, what do YOU girls think of baroque? Is it something you're loving for fall? Or do you wish it stayed back in the 17th century with beheading? Let me know in the comments below!