Monday, June 20, 2011

June 2011 Playlist

So it's no secret I'm a music junkie, as you may be able to tell from those random lip synching clips I put in my videos....bahha. For me music always brings me back. There are songs I can listen to that take me back to sitting on the floor of my old room writing fanfic, others that remind me of dancing around my room after my first kiss, and some that bring back memories so tough it almost brings me to tears. Today on the way to the gym "Dynomite" came on the radio, and instantly I was taken back to last summer, driving to the country club in Ally's convertible belting the lyrics over the wind. And it struck me. Not everyone has those same songs that remind them of summer, but maybe now we can :) So here is my summer 2011 playlist <3

1. Crazy Beautiful Life - Ke$ha
2. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry
3. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
4. Wishlist- Lily Halpern
5. The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
6. Best Days of Your Life- Kellie Pickler
7. The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars
8. Yeah x3- Chris Brown
9. Roll Up- Wiz Khalifa
10. Friday- Rebecca Black

As of now: June 20, 2011 these are the songs I associate with this summer. By no means are these my favorite songs, just the ones on the radio as we drive to the beach, or at parties, or just blasting in my room as Sydney and I read through what the hot guys wrote in our yearbook.
Look out for my July 2011 Playlist at the end of next month