Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prom Dress & Your Help!

I'm on cloud nine. I'm sure you've all seen the dress, yes I'm saying THE dress, because it is that important. This March (yes it's freakishly early) is my Senior Prom!!! Last year I had an awful time finding a dress, nothing was right, and I ended up getting a dress I didn't really love.

My dress last year: Vintage Adrianna Pappel 

I was terrified to start dress shopping this year, but on the THIRD shopping trip I found my dream dress. I walked into this little boutique and ran straight for this short white dress, what I had thought was EXACTALLY what I wanted. I tried it on and it was just, "okay" nothing spectacular. The ladies at the store convinced me to go long, and try on this goddess like teal dress, I assumed it wouldn't be for me, and I walked out of the changing room and I knew I had to have it. I felt like a princess. Like Taylor Swift. The dress made me feel pretty, and with as low self confidence as I have, those moments are rare.

Here is the dress on the model:
My dress this year: By La Femme

Check it out!

I am so freakin' happy! I literally try it on everyday! :) BUT I would like your guys help, because it was so pricey ($420) I told my Mom I'd do my own hair and makeup (unless I really do suck) so I'd love to get your guys' opinions/ideas on hair styles and makeup!

Hair: I'd like it down an curled with a front braid 

Makeup: Something really basic and simple, nothing dark or dramatic!

So please send links of photos that could possibly inspire me? And I pinky promise I will record before prom while I'm getting ready, as well as pictures after the night!

I am SO happy! Nearly everything is in place, I have shoes, a dress, a date! Gaaah so happy :)

I hope all of you have an awesome prom (if you are going!)