Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dorm Essentials

Hi all! So dorm season is right around the corner for for all you incoming college freshman! What an exciting time, full of all nighters, pajama parties & getting sex-exiled by your roommate! Ah, nothing like being a freshman! So this past year I lived in a dorm at my college & I thought I'd give you guys my MUST HAVE packing list! These are the essentials that totally saved my butt durring the year! Make sure to check out my Dr. Meghan Packing video for even MORE dorm tips!

A mattress topper was a serious must have item for me, the dorm beds were so uncomfortable I can even tell you! There are tons of different kinds of toppers, ranging in price, so check out places like Bed Bath & Beyond or Target to find one that works for you! 

You NEEED this! Twin XL bedding! Nothing else will fit the dorm beds if this is the size bed you have! You're school will tell you what size the bed is before move-in, and if not, you can always call and ask! I suggest getting 2 sets, one that's a lighter material, like a cotton, and another that's fleece or jersey for the colder months! 

Get fun pillows! I can't even tell you how easily you can dress up your room with colorful pattern pillows! Target, Marshalls, and Ross have tons of cheap pillows! Go for something COMFY too! None of that sparkly decorative stuff! You want something totally plush that you can snuggle with when you study!

Towels! Get these all in the same color, then another set in a different color! I reccomend getting ones of all sizes so you're never without one! 

You need to document the memories of your freshman year! I'd advise getting a cheaper camera (cheaper than this LOL) because chances are you'll be taking pictures at parties, and you don't want to have something SO nice that you'll be devistated if something happens to it!

I adore these! I (sadly) didn't have enough room in my closet to use these, but my roommate used them for jeans, so handy! Just make sure you don't put TOO much stuff in them that weighs them down!

Belts....totally something I blanked on storage, I LOVE these! It keeps them compact, but not falling and slipping everywhere!

Scarves are a must have in any wardrobe, and storing them was so confusing for me, this seems like a really easy way to keep them all together, but still accessible!

Awww this stool brings back such good memories! This is actually the EXACT stool my roommate and I got to jump up on our beds! It's perfect if there are hard to reach storage spots!

How cute are these? We had one in our room that we could write reminders on, like a midterm study session, or just for our friends to write funny notes to us on!

These are actually the drawers my roommate used to store extra clothes under her bed! Perfect for undies, bras, bathing suits, or even jeans, or hoodies!

THIS WAS MY SAVIOR! Totally not even kidding! This hooks on the side of your bed so you can just reach right over to grab any bedtime stuff! In there I would keep my ipod, my kindle, chapstick, a sleeping mask, headphones, my medications, and a camelbak waterbottle! SUPER easy access for my lazy folks!

SHOWER CADDYYYYYY! This will be your best friend. You don't even want to hear the horror stories I have of things I've found in the bathrooms...yuck! If you're like me, you'll share a bathroom with 30 other girls, you so do NOT want your bare feet touching that gross floor! You NEEED shower shoes! Just any cheap flip flops! And in your shower caddy just keep any things you need durring your shower! Make sure it's waterproof cause it WILL get wet!

If you're a hair girl you're going to want this! A super easy compact way to store all your electronic hair tools! This way the cords don't get tanged either!

Chances are you won't bring an iron or a steamer to school, but no one likes wrinkly clothes! This spray instantly gets any wrinkles out of your clothes, and SUPER quick!

Okay! So those are some of my dorm packing essentials! Have any questions? Make sure to comment them down bellow! AND if you haven't, check out my Dr. Meghan packing video for storage tips, what to bring, and how to decorate your dorm room!