Thursday, November 15, 2012

StyleSteal: Taylor Swift RED Inspired Makeup & Fashion

It is no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with Miss Taylor Swift...but let's be real here, I'm pretty sure (even if you refuse to admit it) ever single, bitter, 19 year old longing for prince charming has a soft spot for her. Don't deny it, I know you secretly sing 'Enchanted' in your bedroom staring longingly at pictures of Andrew Garfield....wait thats just me? Awkward...

Taylor's new hair has gotten quite a stir out of the media as of late as she ditched her platinum wild curls for dirty blonde straight bangs, I'm still deciding if I'm on team straight or curly...but from one curly girl to another, I adored how well she rocked that lion mane! The pin straight just does not have the same hairography factor ;) But with this new hair Taylor debuted what is now being called her 'signature style,' something I have so endearingly started calling 'Swifty Style'...catchy huh? I'm pretty proud of it...not gonna lie.

Swifty Style is basically a modern (and cuter) version of where's think I'm kidding? Cross my heart, swear on Harry Potter he has been her current twin...In all actuality anyone else would just note that she's a fan of nautical colors, boat neck tops, and stripes. In my world? That means she may or may not be closely related to the Waldo family.

What's great about Taylor's style is that it's so easily re-created, unlike most Hollywood A-listers, she sticks to a basic wardrobe of classic pieces, something us mere mortals can find bargin hunting at Forever21, and sifting through sale racks at JCrew.

So am I alone in this ever growing Taylor Swift obsession? Please say no so I can feel slightly better about the amount of hours I spend singing her songs, and just all around desperately wishing she and I could have a slumber party filled with tea, cats, and baking. But that too much to ask for? Santa are you listening ;) ?

Check out my StyleSteal from Taylor's Red album! Get her makeup & fashion on a budget!

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Now tell you adore Taylor's look as much as I do? Or are you over it already? Let me know in the comments down below!