Thursday, March 21, 2013

Help Me Pick My New Glasses!

I'm blind as a bat. There I said it. (Side note, are bats the only 'blind' animal? Why not the phrase, 'I'm blind as one of the three blind mice' ...just some food for thought) Let me admit something to you, and I'm only doing this because I think we're close. Close enough that you swear you won't judge me for the photo I'm about to show you. Let's rip the bandaid off....

I. Meghan Rosette. Had transition lenses. THEREISAIDIT. 

For those of you fortunate to miss the era where they were 'in' (also this really doesn't apply to the transition lenses of 2013, that stuff is actually legit) Transition lenses were glasses created by satan himself to make awkward and chubby 5th graders like me, even more self conscious about their appearance. All in all they were just plain B-A-D. Even worse than gauchos. And the unicorn sweater Lizzie McGuire wore on picture day. Yes. They were that bad.

I'll admit, the concept of transition lenses were great. Glasses that were clear when you're inside, that tint to sunglasses when you go outside. Sounds pretty convenient right? WRONG, OH SO VERY WRONG. The first issue. They never got fully light. And even worse than that? They never got fully dark. So I was left with this awkward in between tinge...and because I was "trendy" (weird/strange/'unique'/special/insane) I thought, hey, let's tint them pink. In all fairness the shade was actually called "Crystal Rose" so it sounded pretty classy to my 11 year old self. Oh so wrong on oh so many levels. 

*My dearest Hannah I am so sorry I'm subjecting this photo to the internet, but it had to be done*
-Also can we discuss that this was me FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL...I can't. 
I can't even.

So that's my first glasses story...alas, come freshman year of high school I was cast in a play that required me to get contacts, so I've stuck with those ever sense, ditching the transition lenses along the way. My most recent pair of glasses I got about 3-4 years ago in my "hipster phase" (Yes I had way too many was a phase..) and while they were (and still are) really cute, they're actually mens glasses which don't even fit my head! Over the years I've managed to make them seriously crooked, so when Warby Parker contacted me asking if I wanted to get a new pair of glasses I was like "OH SWEET GLASSES GODS YES PLEASE" this is how we got here today....BAH BAM

So help a sistah out in picking out my new glasses by commenting on my new video which glasses you like the best on me! I'm leaning towards the Cosby but I want to hear your opinions!






I am also seriously aware of how awkwardly close up these photos are...I ain't no model!