Monday, August 1, 2011

July People Favorites

ELLO! So as my July Favorites video decited to run long, (AKA Meghan can't shut her mouth)
I wanted to take the time to make a lil' blogpost of my favorite people of the month!


I was lucky enough to get to travel to LA with these girls for a Youtube project you shall all be seeing soon, and it was SO much fun :) From laughing at our least favorite words, to strutting our stuff, I actually bonded and became friends with girls...from the internet. Needless to say it was the best weekend of my life <3


Oh my lanta I am obsessed with this girl. She has been my 100% favorite to watch of the month, she has the most adorable style, ANNND she has a personality! Uhhh fuck yeah! I met her at IMATS in June and like dude...pretty sure we're gonna be bffs <3

The StyleHaul Family <3

CAN THEY PLEASE ADOPT ME??? The project I was in LA for was run by StyleHaul so I spent a long weekend in their offices, going to lunch & shopping with Lauren <3 Honestly I love every single one of them, I miss them all so much!!! And to top it off, their channel makes my life, I LOVE finding new gurus, and its the easiest way to do so!

Sarah Uslan

Oh hot dayum she is my makeup artist idol! In my videos filmed in LA everyone kept demanding a makeup tutorial, and lawwwwd I wish I could create it as well as she did on me! I had the pleasure of being Sarah's canvas as she turned me from a frog into a princess! And to top it of...she has the most LEGIT videos! So all ya'll who can't stand bad sound/visual quality, wooohoooweeee get stoked to see the best of the BEST in videos. I'm thinking she's the next Michelle Phan. No joke :)


Say hello to my new YouTube bff. Tristan. He's okay. I guess.

Now that's all folks! To be totally honest if I could just type up every guru/youtube who I'm subbed to, that would be a more accurate favorites, but I wanted to keep em related to the month of July!