Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer to Fall | Transitional Fashion |

    I swear the moment we turn our calendars from August to September, a flip goes off in our brains saying, "yep it's fall now." When in reality the 24 hours in time does nothing to the scorching 98 degree weather or my craving for popsicles. 
    Alas, I've already begun to see the swarm of 12 year olds and their "ZOMG STAHP FIRST PUMPSPICELATTE OF THE YURRR" Instagram posts. I want to shake them screaming, "THE AIR OUTSIDE IS HOTTER THAN YOUR BEVERAGE CHILD!" But don't worry, I've restrained myself. 
     This transitional time between summer and fall is my favorite time for fashion. It's still socially acceptable to wear white (and let's be real, Michael Kors said no white after Labor Day is so 2002) but now I get to pull out my favorite fall piece, felt hats! 
    Take a gander at what I'm eying this transitional season,

Summer to Fall

Tan faux leather jacket, $62 / Hollister Co. blue jeans / Steven by Steve Madden ankle booties / Tory Burch leather handbag / Alex and Ani bracelet / Alex and Ani bracelet / Alex and Ani bracelet charm / Topshop floppy hat / OPI nail polish, $28
  1. My family recently had an intervention regarding my leather jacket addiction. But hey, no one said anything about BROWN leather jackets! And this rich tan waterfall style jacket actually has me tearing up...I may or may not have a problem (that we'll address after I own this baby)
  2. My oxblood (is that pompous word for maroon still 'in'?) felt hat got such use last fall that it has me craving its black counterpart. It makes every outfit so "Oh hey I'm Vanessa Hudgens and I'm just casually drinking Kombucha while leafing through an abstract novel while seamlessly engaging in a romantic but not cliche conversation with my sexy sexy boyfriend" Hey, maybe if I get the hat I can land a man like that (a girl can dream)
  3. Can I take one of those "I had it before it was trendy" moments, with boyfriend jeans!? Granted, I was 17 and I just looked like Ellen Degeneres was my muse, but regardless, I did it first! Those babies got lost in my recent ten thousand moves, and I think they'll be perfect to pair with more summery tops this month
  4. OPI came out with a San Francisco collection and it is taking every ounce of self control for me not to run out and buy every single one reppin' my city. This dark maroon may not be the most unique shade, but with a name like 'Lost on Lombard' how can I resist?
  5. My trendy & hippie-chic godmother got me addicted to Alex and Ani bangles last winter and I want to be more iced out than 2 Chainz come this fall. 
  6. THERE ARE NO WORDS. None. Absolutely none. The love affair I have with these booties is unhealthy. Everything about them screams Meghan...aside from the ever so hefty price tag. But as my inner shopping enabler reminds me, they're on sale! For a measly $315 that is. But who needs to buy groceries when I can feast my eyes on these beauties? No? Not justifiable? Brb crying myself to sleep.
  7. I prefer the term "classic" rather than "basic bitch." I find clutches so impractical for day to day use, but this crossbody is perfect for day to day use, and BAM, tuck the chain in & you've got a night out clutch! See?! I can justify quite anything at this point, (if only they had that major at University...)
So tell me, what does September have you craving?


  1. Lovely picks Meghan. And love your writing style, too funny! Haha!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. I'm seriously in love with floppy hats! Haha, love your blog x

  3. Hahaha so funny :D Don't buy the shoes yet! Starving vs. shoes will always have a hurtful outcome.

  4. Seriously obsessed with your blog right now! Didn't know you could write so well!

  5. Love that jacket too!! What program did u use to make that picture?? Thanks! Xo

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