Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Favorites

So I am a bad blogger. BAD BAD BAD! And I have excuses, they're good I swear! If you follow my vlog channel, or my twitter, than you'd know I've been busier than Beyonce these past weeks. (I'm not even kidding) With a new webseries out, and one premiering on Halloween, along with meetings galore, travel, meetups, events, and all the jazz, I've neglected you people :( And for that I am SORRRYYYYYY! So today, I bring you a pathetic excuse for a blog post letting you all know that my October Favorites video is up on my channel! See what I've been loving beauty, hair, fashion, skincare, tea, food, book, TV show and much more wise! (Plus it's filmed in my brand new apartment...don't you wanna see? Go go go!)

I promise I'll be back to you soon with a less pathetic post! 
Love you all to the moon & back <3


  1. Your videos have been so amazing lately! As have you; it's so fun watching you getting all these opportunities and just being happier in general (at least it feels like you are).
    It's very understandable that your blogging less :)

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  3. Loved this video Meghann ! I have a slight obsession with candles for Autumn/Winter haha !
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  4. Thanks for this Lovable video of october favorites. Keep Rockin.................

  5. Such a cute blog! :)
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