Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fashionably (Running) Late

We've all been there, one minute you're watching old episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix and BAM suddenly its 3AM & you've got to get up in 3 hours. And alas, morning comes and the snooze button becomes your new play thing and before you know it you've got 5 minutes til class starts. Hopefully I'm not alone in this vicious cycle...So I made a video to save you sleep deprived students who arn't too keen on showing up to Psych 101 wearing Spongebob PJ's BUT want to feel just as comfortable, while saving you time in the morning. So I present to you, my "Running Late for School: 3 Comfy & Cute Outfits!" video!

This first look I rock way more than socially acceptable. I literally sleep in these super soft BM hoodies with leggings 5 days out of the week. So when I need to run errands to the new trendy Whole Foods (Where there are TONS of hot guys I may add...) I don't want to change completely but I want to seem semi-presentable. So throw on a leather jacket and boots and suddenly you've got an outfit! Hair a mess? Uh, that's why hoods were invented. No time or energy for eye makeup? Hello, sunglasses!
Hoodie- Brandy Melville, Jacket- PacSun, Leggings- Hue, Boots- Nine West, Sunnies- Rayban, Purse- Longchamp 

This next outfit has to be my personal favorite of the three. Skinny sweatpants are as ingenious as electronic kettles. It's a game changer in my life. They're publicly stated as fashionable and trendy...and THEY'RE SWEATPANTS! Need I say more? You need them in your life. Plus witty beanies and sneakers make you look like you're too busy and important to shower or wear heels. It's alllll about the illusion of a social life. 

Top- H&M, Skinny Sweats- Zara, Beanie- Brandy Melville, Wedge Sneakers- DailyL

 And finally, the most professional of the outfits. This was my go-to ensemble for finals week in college. I'd say up til 6 am studying flash cards of oceanography and suddenly I'd be asleep facedown in my text book. I don't know about you guys, but when I take a test, or public speak, I like to look the smarty pants part. Put together, prepared, and ready to ace it. Wearing my actual glasses (yes these are my prescription) not only saves me the hassle of putting contacts in in a rush, it makes me look stereotypically smarter! No time to change out of your PJ shirt? Totally fine! Throw on a blazer and no one will ever know! Finish it off with black harem pants, crazy comfortable, and hides wrinkles so well!
Top- Thermal PJ top (my mom's) Harem Pants- Forever21, Blazer- Forever21, Flats- Tory Burch, Glasses- Warby Parker

No one will ever know what you looked like 5 minutes ago ;) 

Watch the video here!


  1. i'm looking into buying a longchamp bag. do you by any chance know what specific model or name of the bag? i know its the le pliage, but is it the large tote or small shopper? thanks!

  2. hi Anonymous, that's the large one )

  3. Hahaha I know those days! Great looks!

  4. I seriously am in love with all three of these outfits, definitely taking inspiration from them. I might even go shopping this weekend just to get those skinny sweatpants! You have such. Great style I love watching your outfit videos!!

  5. Love the first outfit! I'm not digging the skinny sweats, though. You can pull them off, and my friend swears by them, but the whole idea of a skinny sweatpant seems weird to me. I'd rather just throw on a pair of yoga pants or comfy jeggings.

  6. Love all of them, but the second one I like the most :) You look great.

  7. Love these outfits and the fact that you mentioned One Tree Hill. Thanks for the outfit inspiration!

  8. I love the last look, that blazer is so cute!

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  10. the last outfit is amazing!

  11. I love that last outfit and your blog is amazing! :)
    xxx NausikaƤ

  12. What's the model of your Raybans? I adore them!

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