Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Travel With Me: NYC Fashion Week

    Last week I took a quick pop over to New York City (and by quick I mean a 6 hour plane ride) for a whopping 24 hours. For most of you that probably sounds like a death sentence of jet lag, but I've become pretty accustomed to not sleeping...like at all (Erm are you listening casting directors of Vampire Diaries?) PLUS it was for fashion week! How could I say no to something like that! Answer- you don't. 
    I attended the Boy Meets Girl show and got to sit front row. Yes, front row. Where like actual real famous people sit. Needless to say I behaved like a child on Christmas day, totally mature and professional. 
    Now here's where I get all sappy and say a bunch of "thank you's" First off a major thank you to BMG & the designer Stacy Igel, for sending me to the show, it really is a dream come true to sit front row at a NYFW show! & an even bigger thank you to all of YOU guys. I hope you all know that none of this would be possible without you guys. The opportunities I've gotten through my YouTube channel are amazing, but I'd be no where without all of your love and support. 
Thank you <3 

Selfies in the taxi before the show! (Yes I did my makeup in the airport shhh)
The BMG designer Stacy and I. This is a horrendous photo of me...oh lawd. I swear I love Stacy! Ignore my face LOL
Front row of Austin Mahone's performance (cue the fangirl screams)

I documented the entire 24 hours of my trip in a video, so it's like you got to come along with me! Check it out below :)

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  1. Sitting front row at NYFW, Meghan you are living my dream. Great vlog, I'm glad they're a weekly thing now, I really look forward to them. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

  2. That sounds so amazing! So happy for you that you get to do all of this - and super jealous! :)