Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Most Loved This Week | #2

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub, Clean&Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel, Clinique Stay Matte Foundation, Bobbi Brown Travel Brushes, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, Lorac Pro To-Go Palette, Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, YSL in 15 Coral Intuitive, Pink Travelo 

Ah, another week has come to a close, and it's time again to show you my most loved and used beauty products this past week! As you know by my What's In My Travel Makeup Bag post, I'm currently in LA, so this week's post is brought to you from Lauren's apartment! Let us begin!
     I swear every booty-gahroo is all aboard the Michael Todd train & I can now finally say I GET THE HYPE! I got this Jojoba Charcoal Scrub in one of my ipsy bags, and I have fallen in looooove. I'm a huge fan of exfoliants, but because I have sensitive skin I have to be careful that they arn't too abrasive. This scrub is heavenly. Yes it does look like I'm rubbing cement on my face, I kinda like it...weird? It's rare for me to find a skincare product that doesn't dry my skin out, but on top of this this one actually makes my skin feel soft and hydrated!
    I've been a fan of gel moisturizers since Clinique's one I used in high school, and for some reason unknown to me, I stopped re-purchasing it. But then this little baby walked into my life. Wen I went to the Clean&Clear ambassador dinner in New York last winter they revealed their new Hydrating Moisturizer Gel, and I was SOLD. First off the packaging, erm hello is that my favorite color?! WHY YES IT IS. Don't even get me started on the scent (IT SMELLS LIKE STARBURST OH HELP ME) The feeling of this on my skin is really cooling & feels like I've just given myself an invigorating facial treatment. All for a drugstore price. Is this real life? (Yes it is)
    I'm sure you all are sick of me complaining about my skin's recent addition to Team Oily. Me too, oh me too. I'm in front of the camera a LOT, whether that be for my channel, acting things, or other YouTube gigs, and suddenly being a big ball of shiny sweaty-ness is not the most flattering thing in HD. So while I was at Sephora I picked up the Clinque Stay-Matte Foundation, especially targeted for those of us who need to stay matte all day. I will say it does stick to it's claims, paired with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I can wear this under blazing studio lights and still look fresh as freaking daisy. (Also, who decided daisies were the freshest of flowers? What about peonies?)
    I'll admit it. I'm a brush snob.   
     As you already know, I'm a massive fan of the classic Lorac Pro Palette, and this Lorac Pro To-Go version of is seriously just as amazing! I look for eye palettes that I can create an entire look with, with 2 shimmery & 2 matte colors as well as 2 'highlight' shades I can create any look I'd want for any occasion! These shadows are SO pigmented, creamy & blendable, I for serious think Lorac might make my favorite eye shadows of all time... And on TOP of that, 2 blushes and a bronzer? This is like true love for frequent travelers, and those of you who like multi-purpose products!
     Can we just talk about how cute this Bobbi Brown Brush Set its? It's classy and leather and satin-y and pink. I feel like Blair Waldorf when I pull this out of my makeup bag. Everything Bobbi Brown touches turns to gold, so naturally these brushes feel like they're made out of angel hair. Mmmm me likey
    This Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Icon is a brand spanking new addition to my makeup collection and I don't even have the words to describe  my love for it. Really, I don't know how I survived last fall without it. Dark lips are my favorite thing during the colder months, and despite being in LA, I've already whipped it out. While a red is classic and timeless, I tend to gravitate towards deeper shades like plums, or this dark crimson. It's to die for. But really it's like a vampire lip. The formula goes on like a liquid and dries to a matte finish that lasts ALL FREAKING DAY. I can eat, drink, be merry and BAM my lip is staying put. Saying I might check out the other shades is an understatement. This is about to circa Pokemon, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL. 
    Speaking of palettes, meet every girl's new makeup necessity. I honestly don't know how I lived without this in my life. The Urban Decay Naked palettes are probably the most famous palettes out there right now, and the Basics Palette is by far my favorite of the line. There is just something so classy and timeless about matte shadows, they're basically idiot proof! As boring as this may look, I promise you that it'll change your makeup life. You need it. I swear. 
    I know we're into fall & this is a summer color, but let's be honest for a second, it's still in the 80's in LA & I can't get enough of this warm pink YSL #15 lipstick. The formula of these is godly, these lipsticks are SoOoOoOo smooth & moisturizing, but more than that, DEAR LAWWWD THIS COLOR! It's a perfect warm pink without being too coral or peachy, it's one of those staples that I'll be wearing year round. I luff it. 
    You're probably looking at this like, "My oh my Meghan is that a tampon or a sex toy?" and to that I say, NEITHER YOU PERVERTS. It's a Travalo! Basically this little baby is a refillable travel perfume spray-er-thing-er (articulate I know) This is perfect for those of you who don't want to go out and by a rollerball of your favorite scent, or maybe they don't even make it in that form! Right now I've been addicted to Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut fragrance, and now I can travel with it instead of lugging a huge bottle around! Plus it's pink. Who doesn't love pink?

Well that's what I've been loving this past week beauty product wise! If you wanna check out more of my week in LA, make sure to check out my WeeklyRosette vlogs on my second channel!                                      

What did you ♡ this week?


  1. I loved your latest video Meghan! Ever since you mentioned that YSL lipstick I've been lusting after it- great post!! So glad I found your blog :)


  2. I totally need to get my hands on the Naked Basics palette, ASAP!!


  3. Love this post! That pallette looks uh-mazing - will def need to try it out!


  4. Your blog is so pretty!

  5. haha I love your blog, it is professional but also makes me smile with your occurrences :)

  6. This Travalo thing is so practical, even if it looks a little bit weird :D

    I love your blog ♥

    xo, Sara (http://www.simply-being-sara.com)

  7. great post meghan! i am glad you are making more blogposts again because I really enjoy reading them. and this one was perfect. I am thinking about buying a ysl lipstick myself but i am not sure yet because it is quite expensive. do you own more than one? if so could you do a collection and maybe show like your top 3 colours?
    have a great day. xxx

  8. Meghan. Where do I start. I ABSOLUTLY love you and you videos! I love the series Under the Dome!!! You are the one that got me started on it!!!!

  9. Can you please have a meet up when you move to LA. I would love to meet you!