Friday, September 27, 2013

Apartment Inspiration | #1 When in Paris

    With the countdown till my LA move coming closer and closer, I've found myself lost on home decor sites, Pinterest, and deeply entranced in West Elm's newest additions. Seriously though, the highlight of my day was seeing their new coffee tables. Sad? Maybe...But hey, I'm okay with it. 
    I've always struggled with naming my style, whether it's how I dress or how I decorate my bedroom, but I think I've finally got it... While I adore the "Pinterest-Chic" of chevron print, bright colors and glossy surfaces, I tend to favor what I call "Parisian" style. Leaning floor mirrors, lavish chandeliers, mirrored accents and a soft etherial color palette. Here are a few of my favorite photos that emulate the look I'll be going for in my new apartment. I'm giddy to start decorating & furnishing my new place....EEEP! Less than a week left! I can't believe it :)

Can we just take a moment for those mirrors...and the curtains...and the oh my
I love the high ceilings with this, but especially the tufted couch...I have a thing for tufted furniture
Flowers really are a girls best friend. Everything about them makes me so happy. And this fabulous ornate mirror
Hello beautiful photo please be my bedroom. I'm loving this light wood & cream mix 
I have no idea what these tassels are above the bed but I'm totally digging it. 
What's your dream apartment look like? Send me pictures! I'd love to get some more inspiration.


  1. So beautiful. Your apartment will look stunning, no matter what you do.
    I definitely can't wait to move out on my own and have an entire place to decorate.

    Welcome to the Wilderness | a personal blog

  2. I love this style, so pretty and light. You might want to try looking in at Country French style also, its similar but a little bit more rustic. Love reading your blogs and watching your youtube videos!

  3. Very nice style :) I would like to have my room like that!

    When do you move to LA?

  4. So pretty :) Automatically feel like redecorating my apartment :D

  5. It's gorgeous! I feel like I see all these things online but when I come to actually looking in stores, there's nothing good! :(
    Hope your move goes smoothly!

  6. you have the SAME exact taste as me! well here are some pictures of my room :)

  7. I definitely like the softer colors for a home :) I love your taste. Seems very refine and elegant.

  8. Gorgeous post and what an amazing blog you have! I have nominated you for the Versatile Award! Check it out at

    Much Love

    Eltoria xx

  9. Ah I would love to have an apartment like this :) This is why I don't like renting! I have icky blue carpet that I have to deal with -_- *casually spills red wine*

    Kate Xx

  10. i love love love this post! so pretty and bright

  11. we have the same style! love everything :)

  12. Lovely apartment inspirations! No matter how you decorate it I´m pretty sure it will look amazing.
    Carolina xx

  13. Thats so pretty!! Basically everything I would want in my dream house!

  14. Congrats on your new apartment!! :)

  15. If me and my wife stay in these kind of apartments in Paris then that moment is very comfortable and cozy for us. I love the color combination of every room, its decoration is awesome and its classic furniture makes it Royal Palace. I admire you for sharing this beautiful blog here!!